Friday, 13 March 2009

Mock Turtle Soup Expedition

  • About 3.15pm, I left the house and on the way somewhere talked to Mimsy about the idea of mockturtle soup, she was the one who had mentioned it and indeed I talked about the fact that hadn't tried it nor real turtle soup and she wouldn't tell me why she was so suddenly interested in mockturtle soup anyway, I didn't expect any real reason anyway, she sometimes picks up ideas that have no reason behind them and doesn't bother to explain herself much anyway
  • When I got home later in the evening, I realise that at 4pm, a lady named Emily whose partner I know over the years through another friend has mentioned something about her desire to look for turtles on the Ascension Island since this is where her dear Edmund is, perhaps turtle hunting, and one hour and fifty six minutes later, a lady whose name begins with R mentions soup in response to Emily's utterance about turtles. I got home about 7.35pm to find out that the idea of turtles is a running thread throughout this day, which is entirely normal.

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