Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Misreading of the day leading to synchronicities and daydream

  • I misread the BBC news headline "Mass Tamil exodus from rebel area " as "Mark Hamill exodus from Rebel area". Maybe I've been thinking about Star Wars too much recently. Shortly after that I decided to declare this information in Twitter, and discovered that my internet buddy Mr Stamper had made a comment about Empire Strikes Back half an hour before I wrote something in Twitter and someone in Australia who I used to refer to as Gelig, asked if Mark Hamill had gone to see Yoda, and yes indeed it may well have been true that Mark Hamill was quite possibly on his way to see Yoda.
  • Also today I misread the BBC news report about the the Gay marriage row at Miss USA show as being a row about Pre-teen marriage because the woman's surname was Prejean, and quite honestly I didn't have an inkling about what could be going on whatsover. I am deliberately picking up the wrong end of the stick about the actual issue here because what the row is about in this case isn't actually about what the Miss USA contestant said but what people want people to believe she said, and I'm not really that interested in what the lady actually said either because it didn't really wasn't that interesting until they took it out of proportion.
  • I think that there is the issue of children being offered up for marriage in countries in distant continents where they do everything by very different customs and it's an issue that would be worth looking at , but I wonder what a Miss USA contestant could be perceive as objecting to next as if it would make any difference. Maybe the next thing might be for a Miss USA contestant at the contest to raise a storm about the fact that I was looking at a pretty woman in the cafe the other day in a certain way and whatever was going on in my brain at the time shouldn't have been allowed and I really have to stop it otherwise there could be no end to whatever is going on in my brain and it could get out of hand.

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