Sunday, 18 October 2009

Seedy bookshop visions

  • On Sunday, 18th October 2009, after my trip to the café , I get to the last book shop open in London after all the others have closed, it is a cheap book shop packed with bargain books and had the other shops been open, it would have been empty. I step in there since it looked busy inside and the door was wide open, the woman standing at the counter is wearing a heavy coat.
  • Then I wander/ wonder around the cheap books none catch my eye, they are all boring. I walk to the back bookshelf and immediately catch sight of the vision of some seedy little man offering his genitals to the mouth of a woman on her knees, they were not really there, but momentarily there like a mental hologram.
  • Then I went back to the counter and imagined an elderly man taking many photos of the woman in her thick coat, and he was going to upload them onto some seedy internet website or who knows what he was going to do with them.

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