Friday, 30 January 2009

Synchronistic little message from a bird leads to further explorations

  • As I walked to my local station, I had a vision about bird poop, Dr Fred Bell during his online radio show would be on camera and he would have a small parrot on his shoulder and occasionally I believe she would need to poop and he would walk off clear up the mess with a tissue, and I thought about how I was not so keen on the idea of a bird pooping on me, and then lo and behold, a small blob of bird poop landed just above my mouth.
  • However this evening Wesley S in the US of A was informed about this on Facebook, and he spoke to me about about how he was watching Whose Line is it Anyway on youtube where there was a scene where one of the comedian contestants was in fact holding a christmas pudding and the white icing on it he blamed on a budgie. I took a look at this episode and found that it was one of the episodes that I had wanted to watch again because of the presence of Jonathan Pryce, and I felt that it was a good time for collecting these things. That night Dr Fred on his Health Science and Energy Show talked about how one of his parrots pooped on him whereas the other in the couple did not.

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