Thursday, 5 February 2009

Delirious associations about a passing bank worker who must obviously be a drummer who's a legend in his own lunchtime, plus a synchronicity report.

  • Today I passed by someone who works in the local bank, a man who seems almost puny but has a very straight neat look about him, with a very straight neat haircut slightly acne scarred , with quite a petite skeleton and almost quite a nonentity in perhaps every other way and he was listening to his personal stereo, and his very existence projected into me the idea of a professional drummer who used a microscopic electronic drum kit, this has been a reoccurring theme actually in different ways, well a four inch by four inch square that he could tap away at during his lunch breaks using special sticks and then upload his drummings onto the internet where they could feature into an album that everyone appreciated and so he was there walking along as the drummer who has everyone's respect, such all the people who were seriously into cool music. So this bank worker nonentity was the seriously cool drummer that everyone admired, and he never realised it for a second because it was just a vision from my mind. I think also the addition of the electronic drum kit came from an 80's edition of Top of The Pops when a man playing the drums looked as if he were playing a flat panel that wasn't really an electronic drumkit but he had to stand there and do something before the camera.
  • I remember actually the idea of a drummer may have started when someone I know who's first name begins with D and it rhymed with Bugle, so people would call him by his first name and then add "the Bugle" afterwards. It's not hard to work out the name but I'm interested in breaking information down like this on the internet. But once in photograph of a group of friends including this one person, my good friend named after Humayoun the warrior declared that he was the drummer, as if he were a successful drummer from a famous band, D. the Bugle obviously had a certain look about him that evening and then the possibility that someone could be a famous drummer without realising it took off. I often have visions of people playing all kinds of electronic drums, one drum set was a transformed sushi set in the middle of a sandwich bar and there were wires connecting it to a power pack, and an unknown man with possibly a shaven played away wearing his earphones, in this crowded space and he was the professional that everyone admired and were buying his CDs and he could record them during his lunch break. Another electronic drum machine involved a man with drumsticks who was possibly one of the best drummers in the world but the computer played lights and the drummer had to tap the right light at the right time and he couldn't drum any other way, but it was all done with synchronistic alignment with the drum machine, although it looked like an electronic drum version of the game Simon.
  • Today someone on the internet I know of has been making reports about suffering from TMJ and would like a cure, while in my e-mails I am receiving posts about TMG coming. I can not be bothered to tell you what TMG stands for.

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