Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The return of a book to Tony E or Tony L

  • Wmmvrrvrrmm managed to send his friend Tony E or Tony L, (one of the two letters will do) his Omni Almanac of Future predictions back after five years of borrowing it. This book is an old book published by the publisher of Omni Magazine in the past, full of scientific predictions for the future, most of which have not come true. Wmm wanted to give the book back years ago, and getting rid of it today has helped him to finally rid himself of the curse of Tony E or Tony L (or as some people call him Nine Fingered Tony or occasionally referred to as Tony the entombed). Tony is a much cursed man.
  • Wmmvrrvrrmm is sure that Tony who is a very patient man in a way will be overjoyed. Tony thought the book would be valuable but Wmm will buy himself a decent copy of that book soon for next to nothing.
  • This book , whatever it was called was about predictions made by science of what ought to happen in the future and it was way off. Wmm was told by his friend Peter to rip the book up into little pieces, set fire to it or chuck it in the bin rather than send it back to Tony,  or even to give it to Peter because he would in so many words, know what to do with it, but Wmm knew better and continues to look at hope for Tony E or Tony L

  • It is hoped by Wmm that this would be the end of a long curse

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