Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day dream Visions June 30th

  • Wmm remembers on his journey into central London, observing the back of a woman's head on the train as she was sitting further up the carriage, and watching a swarm of some kind of creatures, somewhere between being spiders and bees, that were building a hive on the back of her head which involved building it's walls out of her long hair.
  • He also noticed as he sat waiting for the final bus home from the bus stop near his local station, as a bus left the bus stop, in his mind's eye he watched a boy get on a large skateboard and grip a handle on the back of the bus that pulled him up the street. The suddenly he noticed mental visions of a near limbless breakdancer deformed by Thalidomide with some robotic parts twirling around on the pavement. He then looked at the boy sitting on the same bench as him and imagined that maybe this boy was into breakdancing and skateboards although he could have been wrong.
  •  Wmm noticed that once the boy caught a bus, Wmm sat there waiting with his mind still in a day dream state and a slimy slinky pretty young Somalian girl walked through in front of Wmm, as if she were walking through his mental landscape as if it were walking through lines of washing and a sheet suddenly got wrapped around her and she noticed nothing and didn't think to stop walking to untangle it from her, but a small dwarf who was attached to the sheet by a clothes peg suddenly got dragged along and dragged through the busy road desperately trying to avoid the passing cars. Perhaps the small dwarf was a child's toy such as a bunny rabbit dressed as a human or even a gollywog, but it's not specified.
  • Wmm soon caught the bus home and the bus passed by a pretty young woman with long blonde hair who while she was talking on her mobile phone was tossing her elbows in the air, and in his mind's eye, her right arm extended and once she tossed her right elbow it flew out in the direction of the bus and slammed against the glass of the window.

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