Sunday, 13 June 2010

Synchronistic celebrity sighting

Yesterday, Saturday evening, I'm talking with a group of friends about eating vegetables and how healthy evening is known to combat cancer, and I talk with this red haired lady who plays the Ukulele about how Dirk Benedict combated cancer following a macrobiotic diet and he looked great for his age in Big Brother a few years ago. Today Sunday, I'm in centre point again just turning a corner and suddenly I see a woman with a Cleo Rocos hairstyle in the distance (she was well known for her appearance in the Kenny Everett show some decades ago) and well the last time I saw her on TV was on Big Brother in 2007 together with Dirk Benedict and her hairstyle was just like the one she had in 2007 . I get closer to her and this woman's face seems very like hers and I get closer and closer and realise that it is definitely her, she has her eyes facing downwards. I walk on.

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