Monday, 3 May 2010

Hugo Weaving sighting synchronised with Anna Kavan Book

  • Okay, today I was in Foyles bookshop minding my own business when suddenly walking into the poetry section was a tall man who looked a bit like the man who played Elrond in Lord of the Rings, the inspector in The Wolfman and well was the main villain in Matrix. I was wondering if it was really him or not because he looked almost non-descript behind his glasses, his jaw was relaxed and indeed I couldn't remember his name.
  • I walked over to the Anna Kavan section in the fiction books because I am interested in her dream like novels at this present time and picked up her book The Parson and opened a page where I noticed the words "she weaves the tor into her fantasies" and I looked at that rather puzzled wondering what to make of this book and whether I should buy a copy and suddenly thought, "ah yes, Hugo Weaving". A few minutes later he walked off, I studied his profile and noticed the definite unmistakeable Hugo Weaving jaw as he walked out

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