Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day dreams visions one Sunday at a train station

Wmm remembers last Sunday standing at the train station platform waiting for a train into central London and there was a cute little coloured girl wandering around the platform with long curling pony tails either side of her head. She had a little brother screaming his head off strapped to a push chair. But what was there to remember?

In Wmms mind, the little girl's head turned into that of a vicious cocker spanial with long ears covered in curling fur, bearing her teeth viciously at Wmm warning him to stay away, and this reminded him of the many times his cream German Shepherd dog would attack him in the field when he tried to put the lead on (this was a regular occurance leaving both he and his mother with scarred hands) , and the little brother grew into a tall wirey muscular pale caucasian man with long grey hair and a beard who was yelling and screaming at the top of his voice trying to get out of the push chair and a bunch of men in white coats suddenly come to hold him down and inject him with a sedative before he could break loose and then he returns to the form of a small coloured toddler.

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