Monday, 28 June 2010

Day dream Visions June 28th

  • Wmm is walking along a quiet road to the local station and in this heat he sees a strange looking large thick earthworm with a bolt at the end and suddenly he realises that it is a buckled bolt

  • He reaches the Harrow town centre and gets on a hopper bus into Wealdstone and before him stands a middle aged Somalian woman , he observes her lower arms and lower legs exposed to the sun and watched the hands and feet disintegrate leaving the end of the arm and leg bone, the flesh becomes hardened and looks roasted, her arms and legs have transformed into roasted chicken drumsticks, the bus door opens and she walks off as if balancing on stilts
  • Wmm later returns after visiting a building in that part of town and soon returns to the town centre by bus and during this time he takes notice of a African black man's bald cranium that somehow looks misshapen in a certain light and if something inside was pulling it out of shape and there was a ridge starting to build itself up on the top and a ridge starting to show up on the back of his neck at the base of his skull. The back of the skull soon breaks open and through the skin bulges the form of a grinning foetal creature with a carapace shell that unfolds more and more of the back of his cranium.  

    • He entered the café for a cappuccino in the town centre. In the café, foreign toddlers were running around yelling loudly and Wmm imagined that their parents had remote control boxes that linked to the children's spines by umbilical chord styled leads and these children, one with hair like tarantula legs sprouting from the sides of her cranium were machines designed to run into one another to see which one had the hardest forehead.
    • Wmm got onto the train and watched before him an elderly white woman who was reading her newspaper, she grinned so much that angular lines formed that suggested that beneath her skin an antique grey painted translucent mantle clock with pillars was slowly growing and would soon push itself out of the top of her skulls leaving the skin of her head as a frail empty shell.

    • Wmm wonders later in the evening if the roasted chicken legs and wings on his dinner plate this evening were the Somalian woman's imagined missing hands and feet

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