Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Day dream Visions June 29th

  • Aboard the train noticed in his minds eye that the boy sitting him had a metal covering on his head and a circular dial combination lock on it, possibly to turn it to the right numbers would lead to the metal covering coming off the boy's head leaving him free. Wmm sees himself trying to turn the dial around to the correct numbers and as he does this, the boy screams in agony before Wmm soon gives up and gets off the train to continue his journey, it's not as if the boy's predicament was supposed to be real, it was an idea with no intention of revealing anything. He later wonders if perhaps the metal covering kept the boy's brains in place because he lost most of his skull earlier on in life and just didn't understand this and then again this idea might have been something more complicated than the actual vision that presented itself.

  • Wmmvrrvrrmm bought the latest issue of Cinefex today with the article on Splice in it, having this issue of Cinefex in his bag caused Wmm to start having visions of the hybrid creature in her different stages of growth running around the tunnels in Baker Street Station as a pale imp like manifestation.
  • Wmmvrrvrrmm watched a mental vision of a cylinder with a drill tip on one end and a propeller on the other getting closer and closer with the drill tip towards the forehead of a man who was sitting on a train seat, and then a frame started to build up around his head with a cylindrical tube in front of his forehead for the drill with propeller to move along as it got closer and closer to his forehead. Moments later Wmm discovered that he was reading "Fear And Loathing" In Las Vegas and wondered if there was a connection between what I was envisioning and the mental state he was experiencing from reading the book.

    • Wmmvrrvrrmm also noticed on the train that while he was surrounded by an Indian family babbling away in Urdu or a similar language, he in his mind's eye watched the tongue of the man opposite him come out of his mouth and it was about a foot or more long, like a frog's tongue, and Wmm caught it in his hand and wrote upon is a mysterious symbol that burned away into the flesh with a hiss. He watched the tongue of another Indian person in the carriage pour out of the person's mouth and it already had the symbol burned into it and it just swung from side to side as the person grinned at me. The man opposite Wmm had a very pretty wife sitting next to him and she also (in Wmm's mind eye) showed off her tongue and it was curled up in a spiral form on the verge of unfurling.

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