Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hypnagogic Words (1st January 2013)

Political perversity
In a way I have instant manna
From the stars
That's indifferent
The way he wept
The stairs of the university
Given the force of habit
Maddening with disinterest
Believe you,
The doorstep of images
The distance that remains
The spineless eyeglasses at the rock
Becoming part of the window frames, 
A formless UFO
You got me thinking about
As I look across the timeless sea
The lense deteriorates anxiety
Burning holes in
The circumference of the circle
My main idea is to see
The timeless Wittgenstein within
The bubbles of smoke halves the intelligence
Decelerating salad memory reproach
Where the half moon shines
Accelerating in air time
A prefecture on the payrole

(I composed this by closing his eyes and putting myself into a state near to sleep and experiencing vague half formed whispered words which I wrote down in a note book, along with the doodle. I did this after reading something about James Joyce's possible methods of creative writing. However the experience of having the words coming through can be more interesting than the actual words written down themselves)

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