Thursday, 31 January 2013

Some title like Djingle Djangle

Django Unchained
I remember seeing that movie today that might as well be called Djingling Djangling Chain as far as I am concerned,  and realised that the movie was a lot longer than I expected it to be. Despite the fact that I didn't understand what people in the audience found so funny and I got a little bored with the endless bloodshed and violent deaths, but I thought it was a marvelous story and a good number of actors were playing roles with unusual twists to them. There were some scenes that had very brief moments that were beautifully shot in a haunting way such as when the maids were preparing the dinner table and the black slave women were wandering around a garden or sitting on swings in one of the plantations. As a whole I felt that I had watched a very enjoyable good film that almost went off in some curious directions.

So that was the first Tarantino movie that I saw at the cinema since the Kill Bill movies and before that it was the Pulp Fiction movie

It looks as if once every ten years he makes a movie that I want to see in the cinema. The idea of a ritual did come across to me, I haven't seen Gosford Park and I am not quite sure why I was thinking about Peter Greenaway during these ethereal moments because there didn't seem to be a directly obvious connection other than ethereal flamboyance with artistic direction in those seconds.

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