Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, who remembers the name?

a) I managed to get to see the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and found it to be quite splendid action film, although it seemed as if they did their best to ditch corny one liners and actually give Arnie a few scenes where is seemed as if we had at least a minute or two of actual acting from him which might be a worrying thing for some people. So it shouldn't be a surprise if it bombs but it wasn't a big budget movie anyway. Shades of spaghetti western lightly stir friend in a Korean way. The way the blood and violence in it was sometimes bleakly dark which might be something to do with Jee-woon Kim the director. 

b) I liked Jee-Woon Kim's A Tale of Two Sisters very much when it came out almost a decade back

c) I think this movie also had a bit of the gun debate as a subtext if that can be said

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