Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher poster.
The Movie Experience
I remember seeing the Jack Reacher movie today, but when I saw the movie, I was convinced that the film was called Jack Treacher and it wasn't until I got home that I found out the actual title. However I'd label this film as very an enjoyable load of tosh and thought that a some of the scenes involving dialogue with the villains was rather pathetic but that was outweighed by the long sequences without any dialogue that seemed almost quite stunning and daring for a mainstream action movie in the 21st Century.

Immediate After Effect
Afterwards, curiously enough I had the urge to remember my own age, and ask whether I was actually a seventy five year old somewhere thirty plus years in the future as I got out of my chair in the auditorium. I don't know what that was all about but someone thinks that I ought to be able to work that one out.

Delayed After Effect
Over a week later, I talked to a friend about the films I had seen and I tried to tell him about this film, but I could not remember it, I could not remember the title even or the fact it was a Tom Cruise film. It had become a complete blank and my friend wondered if perhaps I was getting old. I was determined to get around that memory block and suddenly I remembered the experience afterwards of feeling like an old man and then I worked my way back from the memory of that experience to remembering the film and what it was all about.

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