Sunday, 7 July 2013

World War Zzzzzzzzz......

a) Seeing the movie. I found himself going to see the zombie movie World War Z which I went to see not having much hope for it and although I liked the main characters in the movie, I appreciated the use of 3D in most of the movie, but by the end of the film I found that I wanted to call it World War Zzzzzzzzz...... and so it seems that a number of other reviewers have addressed it by a similar amount of Zs. It just got more hideously boring for me as I watched the various seemingly idiotic events that took place to help string together its attempt at plotting. There is the fact that the script had been rewritten by Damon Lindelof and maybe I should have pretended that I didn't read or hear that name. He seems to be someone playing script doctor these days because he is a well known script writer whose name seems to help film productions along but his name never seems to be good news for me , so I wonders what the original script was like and if the people acted as idiots in the same way to get the film moving. However one thing to note though that I don't have much of an interest in zombie movies so that might probably take a lot of the fun out of seeing this film.

b) Reasons why I didn't like it, involving spoilers: What seemed the most idiotic was the way that they went to Korea to take a look at a situation only because they hadn't read the e-mail properly, the only reason to get the story going was to have idiotic mistakes  taking place, such as when Brad Pitt's character was returning to the plane in Korea, he didn't turn his mobile phone off for the purpose of silence just in case he was called, and when they got to Israel, it was only when he was there that the people were singing loudly enough to draw the zombies in, the columns of zombies were great scenes but indeed the reason why they suddenly crawled over the walls at that moment irritated me endlessly, sure there would have been enough of this singing taking place earlier or was it really only at that moment when Brad was there that they
Brad Pitt as the film's leading character
decided to let the people in through the walls. If they showed less of the closeups of zombies I might have enjoyed the film even more.
and in the aircraft, the idea that someone had spent the whole time in the toilet since the beginning of the flight having turned into a zombie at some point without causing concern about spending so long in a toilet. Then there was the moment where Brad Pitt survived the aeroplane crash in a totally destroyed aeroplane, it looked ridiculous. Probably what was discovered about avoiding being killed by the zombies irritated me as wel, and the moment when the woman in the clinic telephones Brad Pitt when he is about to enter the chamber where the viruses are kept really seemed idiotic since that was another thing about to attract the zombies.

Daniella Kertesz as Segen
c) Things that I liked.  I loved the beginning scenes of traffic in the high street with explosions in the distance and people running in terror, the scene in the super market where people were trying to get their provisions, and the scenes of destruction involving trucks/lorries smashing other vehicles in their way. I thought that Brad Pitt carried the film well, I don't think that he has been in too many movies recently, the cast otherwise seemed generally unknown. The actors who played his wife and children were all fine in the film, they didn't irritate me in the slightest, and Brad Pitt managed to get to play the sensitive father. The sight of a noticeably British street in Wales was briefly a merry site, and the odd slightly disorienting scene where Brad Pitt wakes up after three days, one wondered what was about to happen next but once the rest of that scenario was spelt out, it didn't inspire me too much.  The female Israeli soldier, Segen, played by Daniella Kertesz with her soulful look seemed very lovely even with very short hair and keeping her alive through the film even with only one hand left was a great asset enough to keep me slipping into a comatose state because of the complete boredom before the end of the movie but by the end of the movie everything in the film was boring.

During the film I began to wonder what would happen if this film started to fuse with the recent movie Zero Dark Thirty that had a lot of scenes in compounds in hot countries and a military presence with men encaged. I wondered if there was a way to have David Morse suddenly become an encaged member of Al Qaida although I couldn't imagine what he could possibly do.  

d) The final part. The final part of the movie dealt with getting into a wing of a hospital taken over by zombies and this is where I became incredibly bored and wanted to go to sleep. Maybe this is the sort of thing that might inspire computer game players, I do not know.

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