Thursday, 11 July 2013


  1. Indeed we may well be dealing with a multitude of utterances of "Hmm" wondering what to make of the experience. Actually this was a good and fair Jason Statham movie giving in some scenes where he wasn't breaking people's bones, a fairly sensitive performance and his relationship with the main female character was quite a different too for mainstream cinema so despite the endless violence there was something quirkily sensitive going on. Many recogniseable shots of places to be found in Covent Garden and Soho were to be seen but don't expect to find a woman yelling out "cut price t-shirts" in the place where she was seen in the movie
  2. I heard that he played quite an emotional role in the film "London" starring Jessica Beal from several years ago, I still haven't seen it, I might be concerned about seeing it myself if he doesn't get a chance to beat the living daylights out of someone in it but I suppose anything too extreme like allowing Statham to act could send his typical audience into a state of confusion and mental paralysis. 
  3. The hummingbird in the title appear to be hallucinations of hummingbirds from a traumatic wartime event in a country where hummingbirds don't naturally exist but in cinema it just seems to be the normal thing to have people hallucinating hummingbirds, as in Cowboys vs Aliens and something else that I can't remember.
  4. I suppose in the end. the role the leading lady had was a sort role that could have been in a British movie fifty years ago where the romance on the screen was a much more innocent thing, and so well it would not have been ideal for the Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel wannabees of this world. Former Polish model Agata Buzek as an actress had a slightly unconventional look but one much appreciated and I look forwards to more appearances fro her in time to come. Yes, I think that what one could extract from that film was quite wonderful at the end of the day and if it went down as a commercial flop that's not ultimately a bad thing,  it defied aspects of mainstream conventions while still coming up with something solid so that Jason Statham could do his thing while keeping the ship going for those who want to see Jason Statham doing something that they expect him to do which probably can have the effect of forcing him into a tight corner, hopefully though they made enough money to make other smaller budget movies like this seem reasonable. 

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