Thursday, 18 July 2013

Beyond The Candelabra

  1. I went to see the "Beyond The Candelabra" film which is a Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, directed by Steven Soderbergh, and it was because it was a Soderbergh movie that I took the plunge to go and see it. 
  2. I probably enjoyed seeing Liberace on TV 35 plus years plus ago. 
  3. So the film seemed very good indeed and a great performance by Michael Douglas. Liberace was almost quite a nice person in this film considering the bizarre life style he seemed to have led. There isn't really much that he can say about the movie thought other than it was quite an eye opener, interesting and bizarre, guided in a noticeable cunning Soderbergh perspective where he manages to take things to some extreme while remaining tasteful enough. 
  4. The subject matter wasn't really my sort of thing, but I couldn't miss Michael Douglas film performance that would surely go down in cinema history . It was a time for me to explore my own open mindedness about subject matter in film. Indeed the film involved men in a gay relationship having intimate scenes. Since Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were able to deal with it and Steven Soderbergh was there directing it, I decided that there was no way I couldn't sit down and accept it as a normality.
  5. I wondered if I was going to see something similar to the movie Interview With A Vampire and in some ways there was something going on there that reminded me of what was going on in that film, there were some strange characters wondering around in the film and there was an appearance by Scott Bakula and I didn't realise it was him until the credits at the end named the character that he played, but it appeared to be about some people's real lives and I couldn't allow my mind to play with the whole story looking for bastardised impressions because it appeared to be seriously about people's lives and whatever ended their relationship was a serious enough matter and there was the fact that these people did really care for one another.  Liberace will be accepted as the person he was and be forever loved by the public, or at least, the version of him played by Michael Douglas.
  6. At the end, Liberace is revealed to be a gravity defying cloaked being and after all it was him who had Matt Damon's character transformed into a Patrick Swayze lookalike there in an attempt to make him look more like Liberace and the transformation process  he had to undergo to merge in with Liberace's obsessional landscape got him addicted to drugs given to him for weight loss purposes, Soderbergh enjoyed giving up closeups of the labels, an echo from the movie Side Effects. There are some things that I am not supposed to understand. 
  7. As Liberace phones Matt Damon's character up from his death bed, I was reminded of the voice of one of the talking hallucinations such as the Talking Asshole Bug or even the Mugwump from Cronenberg's film Naked Lunch but still they were almost benevolent despite those who got too involved too closely getting lost in further uncertainties.

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