Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Wolverine

a) I recall seeing the new Wolverine movie today, and apart from the CGI bear at the beginning that probably should have belonged to a Müller rice commercial, I liked the movie very much and thought it was wonderfully stylish, I liked the Japanese setting, the two main Japanese women in it and the Samurai robot suit in the movie. 
b) There probably is not much to be said about the story other than I couldn't really find a way to pick at it seeing what it was as a movie. Probably the end was a little bit too comic bookish but who cares about some of the things that seem problematic, they were easily looked over by myself. How it might compare to the comic books might be a completely different matter if this particular story has its source there but  I certainly haven't read the comic books indeed and don't seem to have developed any interest since seeing this film. 
actress Rila Fukushima
c) It seems that the actress Rila Fukushima who was in the film had done little else before this film as an actress so I am not going to start looking out for films that have starred her in the past killing people with swords,  but if she had, I would be collecting all the blu-rays. 
d) The mutant villain of the film didn't interest me in the slightest but the metal suit of the other villain did interest me and it could be anyone in the metal suit, I wasn't interested in the person that was within. The Silver Samurai character's suit design probably was quite wonderful and maybe a bigger thing ought to have been made out of it.
e) It might be too insulting to the film to have any real intellectual view about it.
f) The very lovely Miss Tryon informed me that the sight of Hugh Jackman in the poster wandering around without a shirt on or anything on top inspired her to want to knit a "woolly pulloverine" for him . 
actress Rila Fukushima

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