Thursday, 13 August 2015

Signs of the inner world in
the disaster zone of Myanmar

leading from

a) I am seeing the flooding of Myanmar, I see this eatery in the top photo here and I could obviously imagine such a restaurant concept as seen in the photo hitting the English streets in the decades to come and become completely normal at various parts of the year, as long as one doesn't mind wearing waders. I am already sitting somewhere in a dreamworld transporting it to England, up to my knees in this water. It's good to see how people are maintaining some sort of existence in the disaster zone there in Myanmar.

Food seller in Myanmar

b) Other images of the flooding open my mind up to a world where the people are still surviving, sitting in restaurants, grocery shops still open, news reporters in the water reporting, children sitting up to their waist in water at the computers in school.

School in Myanmar

Restaurant in Myanmar
Grocery Store in Myanmanr
News Reporter in Myanmar

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