Thursday, 13 August 2015

Signs of the inner world
exposed in Tianjin port city

leading from

a) Swimming through a sea of cars
Thousands of cars and vans parked in the car parks were scorched by the blast at the Chinese port of Tianjin port city. I observe these things and find the doors and the frames of the windows merging with my hands and fingers, and I enter the environment and swim through the sea of cars, piercing through a mesh of car doors, and in the warped remains of the car filled floors of the multi-story carparks, I see the ocean waves and the cracked open roofs become the froth.

b) Travelling through a tunnel system that connects through long vehicles
Because of the fact the vehicles were present in the site of the devastation, I imagined driving a small vehicle of the mind that drives through other vehicles, and here through the fire engines, through imaginary shafts that connected one side compartment to another and then through the long dented lorry and into another vehicle somewhere further on.

Fire engines and dented lorry
Fire engines and dented lorry

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