Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fantastic Four, Five or Six.

    leading from

    a) I knew thatI was obviously going to enjoy Fantastic Five or Six or whatever the number is supposed to be. All these not so good reviews must make it a must! I actually almost liked Fantastic Four, it had some interesting nightmarish moments but parts of the movie seemed too recently used. The actors were fine in their roles as long as one wasn't too interested in the actual characters that they were based upon or even the comic book series as a whole. It looks as if they tried to squash the resulting Fantastic Four movie into a Big Mac burger bap and that resulted in a rather uneasy entity.  Rubbishy CGI for Ben Grimm/ The Thing, someone should have given him a pair of shorts. The actor who played Doctor Doom was probably almost convincing for his role but really after his roles in Clash of the Titans and its sequel, I am not really too sure what to say. However it was good to hear some Philip Glass through the movie score.

    b) Behold, Memories of Fantastic Four movie are starting to disintegrate merge with other movies featuring young inventors and same old doom weapon, merging in with memories of
    Big Hero Six with its young inventors, and interdimensional gateway at the end sucking up parts of the Earth, yes we have been along these routes before. Child inventors in Tomorrow Land earlier this year as well, and method of teleporting into another dimension. I can barely distinguish one from the other any more. Everything is merging into a collective pool of thought

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