Sunday, 9 August 2015

Brief note about Bourne Identity

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a) On the 8th of August, I have finally watching Bourne Identity, it is a film that I would not bother to recommend to people really but enough people have already watched it over the last dozen plus years, I think it may as well continue to be called Bored Identity.  But for some reason, imagining Bourne and the woman occasionally confusingly fusing together as Siamese Twins in the taxi. As if their knees and elbows and spines start fusing together from time to time and separate, accompanied by the sound of cracking bone. And moments later he tells her " whatever we're doing, we must do it together" as if they had no idea what it was that they're doing and they may never get around to quite putting into words exactly what they were doing.  People all over England may well have been saying "nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more" as they watch the movie through my mind. I thought about their flesh opening up as their interior organs begin to temporarily fuse together as well in the back of the taxi. For brief moments Bourne and the woman would share a heart, spleen, kidneys and liver as well as spinal tissue as their vertebrae connected. and they would joyously scream and howl as they attempted to move their bodies and sort out what exactly had become connected to what.

b) I keep imaging half the characters in the film with barrels of loaded guns implanted into bodyparts asking for Bourne to pull the trigger , and there are those who will do back flips through the window to plunge to their death if Bourne can not kill them correctly, they still want to make it seem as if they died by his hand. There is also the scene where Clive Owen's character gets shot at, perhaps really he is being taken for one of the ones begging to be killed by Jason Bourne and has payed huge amounts of money for this act, but he has bought into this as a part of the gunshots for questions package.

c) It all points to some unconscious weird death and connectivity fetish lurking in the background of the confusion at the centre of the film beneath the surface dying, perhaps even to kill in order to break up the boredom

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