Thursday, 9 January 2014

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  1. 18th December  2013. Went to see the Walter Mitty movie yesterday evening starring Ben Stiller turned out to be fresh and enjoyable with surrealistic action scenes and generally a good feeling. Wasn't a typical Stiller movie designed to make you cringe at all, and aimed to be a family movie with long lasting critical respect. And maybe one doesn't need to think too much about it afterwards other than find the day brightened a little. There is a chance that the new Walter Mitty movie might appeal to Coen Brothers Fans. Sean Penn's five minutes or whatever in the movie were well spent.  Can't say another thing about the movie without spoilers but it seemed good to be taken into the distant landscapes where it went. 
  2. 9th January 2014. Off to see again to see the Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie once again later today. It is a film that I managed to enjoy and looks forwards to seeing it again. If Ben Stiller returns to his usual methods of comedy in films after this, it'll be a long time until I seee another Ben Stiller movie again. Rain pouring down right now and the sound is good.
  3. I think he made a good Walter Mitty in this movie. His "zoning out" problem that he seemed to be suffering from was viewed in a plausible way.  If Jim Carrey had made the movie a few years ago, he has done a few too many movies of a similar sort of oddity. And maybe the new direction that this film took was a lot more interesting to me than a rehash of the old movie and some of the day dream scenarios in the original short story have been used over and over and over again in one film after another, and this movie manages to bypass a number of those well trodden paths. Have been spreading the news earlier on today locally that this wasn't a typical Ben Stiller comedy so now a couple more people are interested in seeing it now 

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