Friday, 24 January 2014

American something or other... thistle... whistle... bustle... whatever?

a) It's not American Splendour that I went to see yesterday but had trouble remembering the second word on his journey into central London to see the movie. Was the second word in the title Thistle , Bustle , Missile, Rissole? Some such thing! And once I saw the movie I realised that the second word must have been Hustle but the word continued to disintegrate in the back of my mind, fading into nothing

b)  Obnoxious characters but great film, the characters even though one started to find reasons to like them and be entertained by the situation in the movie, remained still slightly obnoxious even when one thought that one was getting to know them for who they were. The way the plot unfolded was entertaining enough. Probably wont ever see it again but still it was excellent

c) Interesting hairstyles to say least. Bradley Cooper's was the most courageous transformation but the other leading men's were noteworthy

d) I don't usually talk about men's hairstyles in movies but has to talk about this one. Jennifer Lawrence had a fairly different look too

e) Seeing these hairstyles may have transformed the very lives of many film viewers in numerous ways unforeseen as much as a Wayne Dyre's books

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