Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Wmm remembers that while he was on the bus home today, he took notice of the woman sitting nearby who had dark stockings on , with the lower part of one leg crossed over the upper part of the other, in his minds eye he perceived that the leg began to grow longer and longer and soon was wrapped around his neck while the other leg also soon grew longer and longer and also wrapped itself around Wmm's head and neck and the woman suddenly grew more and more legs that all wrapped themselves around Wmm as if she were a giant spider of some sort .


  1. i'm impressed with your delightful and vivid imagination. all i can say is, a spider crawled dangerously close to my toe when i stepped out of the shower this morning. and it wasn't the cute little black and white hopping spider that has been hanging out around my desk and files. it was kinda sinister-looking.

  2. Thankyou. I have noticed a fair number of long legged spiders around my shower room these days but they seem to be the peaceful variety

  3. Spiders – the moving glitches of the ambience you think you are NEVER prepared for a spider!