Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter

  1. Just went to see Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter and was not disappointed at all. Possibly the only way to make the movie a better version of what it was is to have Liam Neeson dub the voice of the older version of Abraham Lincoln since the actor looked enough like a young Liam Neeson. 
  2. Obviously the young actor will have to star in Taken 0
  3. All very bewildering 
  4. On the poster it should read " Benjamin Walker as Liam Neeson as Abraham Lincoln" or even "Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln as Liam Neeson"
  5. Sat there expecting the actor to make a slip with his character's surname but he never introduced himself as Abraham Neeson even once!  
  6. Liked the director earlier films quite a lot so I thought it would be an interesting film for me 
  7. There isn't a lot about this movie in the magazines. It isn't as if it has any big stars in it such as Liam Neeson 
  8. It's actually a wonderful sort of movie, I'm not an expert in the American Civil War but it's very nice in terms of its period detail, the camera work is quite painterly. Timur almost seems to make his action movies into art movies. It's an odd movie. 
  9. The director's previous film was Wanted which had big names such Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and Terence Stamp, but this one didn't have such big names 
  10. well, this Lincoln film probably was basically a smaller production, and the director produced with Tim Burton who perhaps makes quite individual movies even if his films are not the most watchable 
  11. Tim Burton has made films in the past which I have been able to watch but not anymore, but his sets and costumes are very lavish. The last Tim Burton movie watched was Sweeney Todd, there were some great Dante Ferretti designed sets, but I spent my time trying to see past this person standing in most of the shots whose first name was Johnny. The thoughts that came most of the time was, "I wish they'd get this Johnny person out of the shot", and  also wasn't too happy when they had some person when some actor with "Baron" somewhere in his name was hogging the screen either but he died fairly quickly in the film so that wasn't so bad

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