Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Movie review of "No Country For Old Men" directed by the Coen brothers

I'm much more interested in the experiential factor of the movie than having to apply some sort of an intellectual interpretation, but if that was the experience the person had of the movie, well what an experience that was for him making all of those associations. Turning the gas cylinder with hose into a scythe seemed a bit like the paranoiac critcal method as used by Dali, which is something that I approve of as a method of personal exploration.

I suppose I left the urge to interpret the movie behind, but everyone I was with was so quizzical about this Chigur character and his ghostliness, one friend thought there ought to be a sequel, another was asking me whether the final girl was actually killed and if he was going to kill her anyway despite what the coin revealed as if his whole life rested on me being able to confirm his opinion and I wasn't actually going to give him the satisfaction of pinning me down for an answer on that, and quite honestly I didn't want to buy into the world of Chigur because he seemed to me to be like an unstoppable mentally shortcircuited nutter having to rest all certain life/death decisions on the coin rather than someone having any kind of important perception to mytholigise. Another person named Chris H. who I refer to these days as the Sarcophagus Humanoid (well he looks a bit like a walking sarcophagus these days, and maybe he carries the mummified corpse of Tutenkhamun within him since his mother used to tell him that he looked like Tutenkhamun when he was a child and this brought him to believe that he is his reincarnation , and on top of that, he joyfully mumbles almost inaudible philosophical things about the key to god being love and he told me that the pyramid builders had a lot of love to give, so maybe that might be the contents of some hieroglyphics coming off the tip of his tongue, i don't know) started mumbling about Chigur's desire to control people's lives with the toss of a coin being down to pride and then another person rubbished this man's mumblings on the matter completely although his mumblings were usually lost on people anyway and there was the middle aged lady friend who really wanted the ending to all come together in a normal way and have the killer caught, and then I had to explain to one of my friends where Chigur was when the policeman entered the scene of crime of the last dead man for a look around, because he had half begun to believe that Chigur must have been in a different building completely. I'm still thankful for the confusion that the movie caused. I think that there were some other points of confusion being experienced but I can't remember them, well there was something about how Chigur was really keeping his word when he approached the last woman.

But this film was a great one for sitting too close to the screen during, because I felt enveloped by the landscapes and moving along the road. I almost have memories of being in the landscapes to this day, which is great for me since I don't get to visit too many different places

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  1. I agree. The pyramid builders had a whole lot of love to give. :)