Sunday, 1 March 2015

It Follows

1) Seeing the movie
Went to see "It Follows" and liked it very much. Well actually that turned out to be an often very interesting straight movie without things being added for pointless shock value. There were some very nice dream visual composition shots in it as well and there wasn't anyone as irritating as hell either in it. But there were occasional things turning up here and there that certainly made sure this director left you with his own enjoyable vision. Possibly quite an achievement for a modern young director in this day and age.  It probably helped to know about the dream that it was inspired by to accept the scenario. The idea of movie taking place in a semi dream like world was inspiring too, and probably that might have taken inspiration from David Lynch. Probably looking forwards to the directors next film, whether it's inspired by dreams or not or is horror and not.
2) Feelings Afterwards
Watching the film with its feeling of paranoia activates within the brain of Wmm the urge to imagine things from the movie Jacob's Ladder since he is travelling on the train right now rather than imagine being chased by something that looks like a lone zombie or whatever. Right at this time a woman is playing loud strange foreign music through her earphones that might be arabic or indian that is also contributing to the odd state . So naturally this film has a slight toxicity to it. Yes there was a seated man wriggling his foot in the air in the train and Wmm wanted to imagine it turning into a giant beating fly wing.

3) Feelings A Month Later
Okay, well what is all this about It Follows being a horror movie? Probably don't know too much about that sort of thing. There were some bits that seemed like homages to Jacques Tourneur famous for Cat People and to David Lynch, and possibly to Dawn of the Dead with the monster chasing  in its different guises as slowly as a zombie . But it does disinterest me to compare this movie to an actual horror movie. Probably horror movies are not likely to be that interesting to me anyway these days, but the dream like ideas caught my imagination and the presence of an organ player in the cinema was a fun thing to see, because one is unlikely to see such a thing any more. It was an adventure into timelessness,  somewhere between the modern world and last few decades, which is something that David Lynch has played with in his movies and Twin Peaks

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