Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending
probably with a Stupid Arse Ending

a) Managed to see this Jupiter Ascending yesterday evening, and well as a film, the sort of thing odd thing that one might expect from the Wachowski brothers or is it brother and sister now, I am not sure what to say in that respect. It was a movie made from many seemingly slightly bland often used space opera ideas blended together that might be found on TV. Some of it was very surprising though.

b) Was it a Matrix type story for women trying to work out underlying feelings that might turn into something like a young girl's Princess Anastasia complex who might have an urges for bare chested intergalactic ice skaters? Perhaps the scenario had touches of something of the zaniness that one might expect to see amongst the pages of the Metal Hurlant / Heavy Metal comic books. The performances were fine. Terry Gilliam's cameo appearance comes at a time as a perfect answer to a point when one might ask "what's going on here?".

c) Probably the CGI spaceship designs were just too plentiful amidst the darkness and perhaps not easy to recollect for some and it might have done better with a Chris Foss type splattering of colour than this eternal combinations of blue and orange.

d) Very glad that the Wachowski siblings made this odd and perhaps ridiculous film rather than did nothing with their past year or so and if it turns on TV in a year or so, would be glad to watch it again despite the seemingly pointless silliness of it and the low expectations one might have about it and perhaps it is for people with low expectations. However none of the background to these extra-terrestrials in this movie arouse any curiosity to their background history because probably there wasn't any. If there was another level to it all on that level, that might have helped it a bit but still it was probably a $200 million of the entertainment industry's money well spent in 2015.

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