Sunday, 2 March 2014


a) Beforehand
Had better get going into central London. Will I get to the cinema in time to see the new movie that stars Liam Neeson that takes place aboard a plane and has a title which Wmm can of course not remember, but is by the same director as Unknown which Wmm thinks of as Total Recall remake. I wonder if this new Liam Neeson movie will be like a disguised remake of another science fiction movie, but is not wondering as much as that. I'm prepared to accept all if today's plans disintegrate while sitting on the train.

b) Afterwards
1) The new Liam Neeson movie Non-Stop was wonderfully mind bending stuff but became disinteresting once one found out who was doing what and why and then mercifully it quickly finished. Explanations were not ultimately worth knowing about and how whoever was doing what and when was not ultimately explained. I'd would like some sort of a rumour about some sort of an alternate ending to float around.
2) Looks as if there are a good few disappointed by the ending
3) well, I suppose they bring in money, just wish the ending was a bit better, the cinematography was nice, it had possibilities. It might have been nice if he did Spielberg's movie about Lincoln but Spielberg left it too late and he felt too old to play the role  

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