Thursday, 13 March 2014


a) Beforehand: Having ideas about going to see the movie "Her" today. He might just about get there in time.

b) Afterwards: "Her" almost had the feeling of a Canadian scifi movie without Canadians. It was quite pleasing enough, generally sweet and maybe at times cruel. Probably a movie to watch once. It also brought Wmm to consider various things going on in Nymphomaniac Part 1. However I think these days that if a software company came up with an artificial life form and it was capable of using your private information, you might not want to get as close as that to it, but the naive perspective of the situation was the only way to make a fun and unusual movie and it wasn't as if the artificial life form was going to start trying to sell you health insurance, or whatever it was you were innocently browsing for about five minutes on Amazon or Ebay for the six to eight weeks. There are questions though about what you would share with an AI that had access to every file on your computer and even a way of looking further.

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