Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Conjuror or Conjuring or something like that

1) I sat in a state of complete and utter disinterest through The Conjuror but liked the idea of the haunted object museum in the film. I have watched a few episodes of the Haunted Collector TV series and liked it

2) The actors were fine, probably well cast, and nothing like the real family so it seem, the female ghost investigator was nice looking and I got the impression of the woman it was that she was playing due to being familiar with the ghost programs such as the Paranormal State series, hope to see the actress in further films, but this wasn't the film for me. The events as experienced personally by the family now that I have heard and seen programs about them sound a lot or interesting and enlightening than this piece of codswallop.

3) At least the movie's actors didn't look as if they were training for action movie roles.

4) No, the movie was called The Conjuring and to know the correct title doesn't help.

5) There ought to be a game show called Forget That Film Title where contestants see how many minutes it takes to forget a boring film title. Contestants would be asked to name that title for a thousand pounds and they would find themselves simply not remembering the title because it would be better to forget it than claim the money prize and look as if one had any real interest in the movie so much that it was important to remember the name.

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