Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Now You See Me

a) I went to see the movie "Now You See Me" me starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher, which appeared to be about a group of magicians carrying out heists and I almost very much enjoyed it, it was wonderfully action packed , it was a slightly different idea. I wondered if it was going to turn into an Inception sequel wannabe,  but it didn't quite although Michael Caine was in it as well as model buildings, and illusions with mirrors. And I wondered if it was going to turn into an episode of Hustler but maybe it did in various ways, someone compared it to Ocean's Eleven films but I have not bothered to watch them. I enjoyed the scenes in which the characters manage to solve situations by using magic tricks, whether any magic tricks would have worked in the actual situations given or not. It seemed like a good role for Woody Harrelson without too much to weigh him down.

b) But the way the ending began to unfold I was not too happy to find out who was behind everything, that disinterested me, how did he have the time to be who he was in the film and pull the strings at the same time unless he had a holographic doppleganger projected into every other shot. The mystery in it probably one one level became no more mysterious than the ending of Dan Brown novels. But generally it was a great action movie and with the stylish imagination that I expected from Louis Leterrier.

c) However the actual explanation about what was going on and why, offered in small snippets, went over my head and I hoped it would be picked up by one of the other characters to state with greater solidity but indeed, well I never picked it up or maybe that part wasn't really that interesting. Maybe there is another layer of confusion to this that I am supposed to come face to face with. I became confused as to whether there was anything more to what the magicians were aiming for through the films or was it just some one using these people for his own means to get back at and there was nothing more to it than that. It became a blur. Perhaps it was just all a layer of someone's dreaming mind.

d) Well film series such as The Fast And The Furious since number five, appeared to become an action movie set in a world of dream like unbelievability, so the oddity of what sort of reality Now You See me is supposed to be taking place in remains a question that people don't need to answer just as long as the ideas are good.

e) Mélanie Laurent who played the Interpol detective in the movie was lovely as well. Full marks to Gerard Depardieu for taking notice of her while on the set of "Asterix and Obelix take on Caeser" a good fifteen years ago.

f) Yes, I will buy this on DVD/ Blu-Ray/ whatever

g) (8th August 2013): The feeling about this film though is that by that two days later it seems like such  distant memory that it might have been something that I saw seven years ago.

h) (9th August 2013) Glad to read that the film should get a sequel.

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