Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fast & Furious 6

I went to see Fast & Furious 6 today. It was enjoyable, fairly solid, stylish superfluous action movie with great fights, car chases and other vehicle chases. I didn't find the film funny in the slightest but every other person in the audience was giggling away at all the comments that were intended to be humorous. I thought that the big action sequences had an abstract impossible dream like appeal to them that was very enjoyable. 

The last act of the main story movie seemed easily tacked on rather flimsily but seemed like a great sequence. It seemed to be the sort of movie where they could easily have just added another big sequence just as easily as that though. just when you thought it has ended after it seemed to have come to an end earlier on. 

This movie will be a great one to watch on TV in future in the early hours of the morning without any clue required as to what is going on and who is really what and , indeed it seems to share two film performers with this years G I Joe but one only makes a cameo appearance. 

I thought that I remembered that Bruce Willis was in it somewhere in the trailer but there were numerous bald heads so to be mistaken like that might be pretty easy. I might have the urge to take a look at number 5 maybe the next one when it comes in the cinema. The 2.5 hour journey through the film goes quickly. 

All the thrills and excitement from seeing it quickly dissipate after the movie. This must be the ultimate reason to see it.

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