Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dead Man Down

A) I saw the movie Dead Man Down today, and I enjoyed the film very much. Colin Farrel was very good in it and I felt that he and Noomi Rapace managed to strike up a good chemistry all the way through the sombre world of this story. One thing to point out about this movie, despite the fact that it was made in America possibly for an American audience, it has every reason to fail there because this Danish director of the film managed to create a film with a distinctly European feel to it. The pacing of the piece may also have been disturbingly foreign foreign such as the way we were introduced to the depths of the character's worlds in such a fast way. I felt it was fabulous film with a great sense of atmosphere and maybe if people had a bit of a problem trying to work out which side of the Atlantic it was filmed in, I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised. It highlighted maybe the feeling that America was made up of people from distinctively different foreign cultures. Sometimes however the words uttered by characters in various parts of the film were inaudible, Armand Assante briefly turned up in a scene and it certainly wasn't easy to work out what he was saying at all, but he calmly spoke through the scene in this thick strange accent never the less, and the very last words said by Colin Farrel's character to Dominic Cooper's character didn't actually come through in an audible way. Was this due to the sound system at the Odeon Leicester Square. The film left me with a wonderful mild sense of a poetic bleakness.

B)  The next thought about this film, since I am a scifi buff, it reminded me about the fact that Ridley Scott loved his film Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and from what I saw in Dead Man Down, the director Niels Arden Oplev ought to be given the job of directing the Blade Runner sequel if Ridley finds himself too busy to direct it personally and wants it done and is happy to produce it.

C) One curiosity in the movie for me were the tiny lights that seem to zip across the grass in the graveyard. Were they leaping grasshoppers that reflected the lights of the set or were they fireflies or something like that instead of the weird hallucination that almost seemed to be. Maybe I was indeed seeing something that wasn't actually there.

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