Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Iron Man 3

1) I went to see Iron Man 3 today and enjoyed it enough, was very glad that Iron Man didn't urinate in his suit but felt that the film pissed all over the public who were keen to the super villain Mandarin that they might have come to know through the comic books and cartoons. However I wasn't too bothered about the latter problem.
2) I thought that the way the Iron Legion at the end all exploded like fireworks was more or less just a repetition of the time the robot army from Iron Man 2 all exploded like fireworks. The villains in this movie was a man who had his DNA altered, although he had become super fit because it, it did have a problem causing extreme over heating leading to the possibility of the person exploding like an bomb giving thousands of degrees of heat vaporising others around leaving shadows against the wall as if they were caught in a nuclear explosion. At times the people who had their DNA altered like this resulting in their eyes and other parts of their bodies starting to glow as if they were one of the scanners from the film scanners in the final fight sequence. 
3) I found it to be a very fun movie and then days later it seemed to be less interesting and almost forgettable. The substance just wasn't enough. The pointlessness of the Mandarin villain after having seen the cartoons was just too much.

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