Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Place Beyond The Pines

1) I managed to get to see a movie, it may have been called A Place Beyond The Pines, a long grim trawl through three seemingly desperate scenarios that connect with each other, Ryan Gosling once again plays a man who's good at making a fast getaway and is dangerous with his bare fists (see Drive), while Bradley Cooper again plays a role where he seems to be too intelligent for his own good (see Limitless and A-Team) and in the last act of the last segment, and as the main character of the last segment slowly comes to understand the scenario that has built up along with set of other realisations that unfold, the feelings of grimness become expertly unpinned and they begin to dissipate.  
I am happy that I saw the movie , it felt like quite an experience and maybe I do not need to see it again, but on the other hand I will look out for the director's next movie, although I still haven't seen his previous on.
2) Chris Pines had no role in this movie whatsoever.
3) (24th April 2013) I continue to think about the infernal world of the "The Place Beyond the Pines" movie and how the light broke through towards the end. I saw the movie last Thursday and although quite a trawl, it remained interesting and the materlal handled almost masterly. It was not a world in which I cared to hang around in or think too much about but it remained with me. Most of the characters were not to my liking. That might even have been one of the good things about it.

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