Saturday, 22 October 2011

Vague facial similarities between actresses

Wmm suddenly realised the other day that there was a vague similarity between Shirley MacLaine when she was young and the actress Carey Mulligan. Wmm didn't want to find out once he noticed the similarity that  a good many other people over the past year have also noticed the similarity even though it is a vague similarity. Wmm does not want to be in a boat full of people who are sitting around recognising the similarity between Shirley MacLaine and Carey Mulligan, but he has and doesn't know what to do about it. There is no real way that Wmm could mistake one for the other but as one looks in photographs, the vague similarity is there, perhaps there it is being projected like a sharp javelin into the depths of the minds of the public on purpose so that they can think that Carey Mulligan is the next Shirley MacLaine or that Shirley MacLaine was the last generation's Carey Mulligan as if it were foreseen that she would be taking up acting all the time ever since her parents were twinkles in the eyes of her grandfathers. There is nowhere left to run!

Shirley MacLaine and Carey Mulligan

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