Saturday, 15 October 2011

Misreading of the day

1. Wmm misread the BBC headline "Obesity 'harms teen girls more" as "obscenity harems steals girls' money"

N.B. The other variation is "Obscenity harems need more girls" but if one were to ask exactly what they mean by girls, as in terms of age, well it often means a full grown woman, but the whole thing becomes a little too complicated for the misreading. But the fact that the Obscenity Harem manifested out of this with a variety of things that it might be doing with girls in whatever way becomes a greater point of focus/fracas.

2. Wmm misread the BBC news headline "Deadly protests in Yemen capital" as "Deadly protestants' Semin as capital"  

3. Wmm misread the BBC News headline "Clashes mar Rome anti-cuts rally" as "Mars Clashes with Rome's anticulturalists" while bearing the knowledge that Mars was the Roman god of War.

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