Sunday, 21 May 2006

Cinema visit of Pandemonium

  • On Wednesday 21st, I went to see a movie called X-Men 3. I have nothing to say about this movie other than I liked it, but I felt what was more relevant about the experience was the getting there with my friend Peter and indeed sitting through it.
  • The Day before, I met up with Peter in a community centre in Harrow to give him a jar of honey to give to a friend of his. We had discussed the idea that we should see a movie this week and that it would be X-Men 3. I experienced Peter saying that we would watch it that evening, so I made sure that we took a look at the information about going to see that movie, and arranged to see it at a certain time, and I waited at the cinema for Peter to arrive, he was late so it seemed, and I phoned him up and it turned out that as far as he was aware, the idea was that we should see it the following day. It wasn't a problem for me to have been at the cinema waiting for him because it really wasn't much out of my usual path to be there doing not particularly that much.
  • So the following day, I waited there for him to turn up so that we could go and see the movie, and I suddenly discovered that I had left my mobile phone at home, since I had had plugged it in to recharge it. Also as it happens, the credit on the phone had run out. I reached the cinema at the right time and discovered that Peter had not turned up, I wondered where the hell he could be, so I phoned my mother up who was at home to see if Peter had tried to phone me up on my mobile home for to explain why he was late.. As it happened, Peter had expected me to have turned up at the community centre earlier that day and so had sent me a text message to ask if I still was interested in going to see the movie, and indeed, I hadn't my phone with me because I had left it at home, so I didn't answer, he didn't know what to think, since he was in the car park at Tesco's having bought some sandwiches, and he did not fancy taking his car to the shopping mall car park where the cinema was situated because of the expense of such a car park. Peter , as far as I know became a little bit concerned about the fact that I had not phoned him, I am led to believe that he thought as one possibility that I was a bit upset about not having gone to the cinema the previous evening. Naturally the only reason he could think this is because he is used to dealing with friends who were quite often subject to extreme irrational behaviour and anything could set them off ranting and raving over something for no valid reason. He went to the library still hoping that I would get in touch with him to confirm that we might be going to the cinema,. I noticed now that it was a few minutes after 6pm and so I decided to phone my mother to make sure that Peter had not phoned me on my phone, and of course, as it happened, the phone was switched off as it recharged. I had her turn it on, and there was a text message from Peter asking if I was still interested in the cinema film and also a couple of voice mails from him too which my mother attempted to access. She did manage to listen to the first voice mail in which he said was at the public library that he would indeed meet me at the St.George's centre at 6:15pm where the cinema was, but she could not hear the second voice mail, since the remain few dozen pence of phone credit had now been totally wiped out. She tried to call up Peter's number up on my phone but knew not how to access it, and my calling credit on the public phone was soon running out, so I told her that I would remain there until Peter had finally arrived since he was obviously going to try to get here by the mentioned time. Soon he phoned my mobile phone again to state that he was trying to get to the cinema and was now stuck in traffic, of course, this time he spoke to my mother as she was able to answer the mobile phone now that it was turned on, and so by the time he arrived, it was about 6:22pm and the movie had already begun. I was upstairs when he arrived, telephoning my mother to see what had happened to him to catch up on the latest news about the situation and when I left the phone, there was Peter in the cinema foyer waving.
  • So we got out tickets, and went to see the movie, having missed several minutes already. As time went through, about twenty five minutes into it, right behind us more people came in to be seated, they were making very strange loud noises, and turned out to a few retarded middle aged people with care workers, and these retarded people kept making large amounts of noise much of the way through causing Peter to mutter curses loudly finding the interruptions inexcusable. There were a number of empty seats but they had to pick the ones behind us, and I found myself giggling away because of the madness of the situation. Also, someone's mobile phone kept going off loudly, and it had the exact ring tone that was used in the mobile phone in the cinema advert asking people to turn their mobile phones off and this did not please Peter either. he managed to get through the film without throttling anyone.
  • In this experience of the present, I acknowledge that I do my best to take all situations to be neutral things. if Peter had not turned up that evening, I would have done my best to see if there was another time that we could meet up to see the film. It may be said that many things were against us seeing the movie and enjoying it, or maybe I was simply enjoying the pattern of disturbances that occurred since i find it can be fun to experience these things.
  • On the way out of the car park, Peter had placed the plastic token to get out of the car park in a place by the gear stick, when we got to the barrier where we had to place the token in the machine, Peter suddenly realised that the token had fallen underneath the seat, so we searched for the token, he was standing outside the car going to pieces trying to move the seat while cars were beginning to pile up behind us waiting for us to go through, and soon I found the token, Peter then had trouble getting his seat back into place, it looked almost as if it was stuck and he would not be able to sit down in his seat. Soon it jolted back into place, and we were able to continue with our journey, and as we left, he talked about the heavenly wonder of the cinema in Berkhamstead which he had been to two nights earlier to see the movie Tristan And Isolde, the seats there had lots of leg room and there were fellow film watchers who had come to actually watch the film. We talked about how wise it would be to never again ever use the cinema in the St George's shopping centre in Harrow, because obviously no one there was supposed to watch a film in peace.

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