Monday, 20 July 2015

The Ant Man movie

a) I managed to see the new Antman movie. Probably the most exciting thing during the film was the moment when a false fire alarm erupted in the actual building forcing the audience out until five minutes later it was declared to be a false alarm and then everyone went back to watch the film but they forgot to rewind it, the film had been going still in the machine although not on the screen and they continued playing onwards much to everyone's annoyance until five minutes later people went to complain and they rewound it to about where it was ten minutes before the fire alarm went off.

b) Another trip into the plastic universe of Marvel with all its CGI splendour, they just had to make reference to the Marvel Avengers movie, and involve a character from the Captain America movie. they couldn't keep it as its own thing for one movie. The hero and the villains outfits seem were fine for the movie. There were moments of humour that almost seemed surrealistic with the manifestation of various forms and objects that had been enlarged a size from miniature state.

c) However it appeared that there was a lot of humour in the Mexican person's street slang that a lot of people in the audience were laughing at all the way through although it I really didn't understand and also doubts that anyone else I know locally would have a clue about either. Otherwise it was a very entertaining movie. The actor Corey Stoll who appears in the movie looked noticeably as if he were transforming into a young Telly Savalas, but couldn't quite get the shape of the ears.

d) Well, I admit that found myself amused by the toys trains being chucked around as seen in the trailer clip, and the tank keyring suddenly being revealed as a means of escape . Well as far as I was concerned it's another movie that will melt away from memory in five days time and probably will become fused with old memories from Michael Bentine's Potty Time. I suppose the concept of someone or thing shrinking was just another farfetched thing not to think about for more than five seconds along with the ants and all the problems associated with that, and the other thing I couldn't tolerate was secret door revealing another costume tucked away somewhere. I recall the character from some Marvel Avengers cartoons and it didn't interest me much but the film version interested me a little bit more. Perhaps I need to see The Incredible Shrinking Man again or Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. It was odd to see Michael Douglas de-aged because it looked more as if he had a surgical facelift more than a return to the way he looked decades earlier.

e) Another movie for Wmm to allow to melt away from the brain and possibly never have to watch again in his whole life and not expect anyone else to bother to watch along with many of these other Marvel Superhero movies. 

f) Yes, probably four out of ten 

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