Friday, 28 June 2013

Coping with life after "After Earth"

a) I went to see After Earth There were some intolerably boring moments indeed but otherwise it was just about okay and the background story seemed disinteresting. The most boring of moments was when the boy took shelter beneath a tree fallen trunk and his father spoke to him from his room in a scene for a few minutes that didn't have any movement and one wanted to close one's eyes to cope with the boredom of it all.
b) The only things that appeared to be dangerous on the planet were the leeches, the monster the Ursa that they brought with them and indeed the leeches. The large cats attacking the giants birds nest didn't seem that dangerous when the boy was armed with a hand weapon, nothing more dangerous than the giant cats that we have today. The baboons appeared to be only dangerous after they have had rocks thrown at them which is not surprising, even a humans would be enraged having rocks chucked at them.

c) It seemed rather odd that the interior of the spacecraft seemed to be made from fabric, and really the technology seemed rather backwards. It might even have helped if they had created some technology to perform futuristic surgery on people and indeed a robot to pick up items from across the landscape that it took more than a day to retrieve by foot. There was something almost completely pointless about why they should be stuck in the situation that they are. It was like a nightmare coping with the idea of such a story world being taken as a serious reality.  One wonders how the boy in the movie survived the space ship crash after seeing how the interior of the craft was ripped apart. The shredded material spread around the outside of the crash site of the tale of the ship reminded me of the afterbirth of some animal or endless reams of toilet paper. This might be the sort of game that Shyamalan might be playing with the mind, is it wise to be caught in such mind games, stay out of these things.

d) Why it is that the giant bird decided to give up its life to protect the boy is another thing entirely. Birds have been known to lose their young but not suddenly become suicidal over it, surely? Did the thing mistake the boy during flight for one of its own young, is that the idea? Well I will try not to think too long about it. Things seem to be present or happen for the sake of it with no known reason required, it's there for the sake of imagery. perhaps like a dream.

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