Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thoughts while waiting on a bus during a road crash

On the way back, Wmm's bus was delayed for about an hour because of a car and bike crash on the road. The long wait in the bus obviously led to Wmm imagining that the crashed bike and the rider were now inseparable and co existed as a synthesis of man and machine and it would take a team of bike-mechanic-heart-surgeons on the site to work out what was metal and what was flesh under a microscope and other medical scanning instruments in order to separate them while keeping both the human rider and the bike functioning, great care was taken to extract the machine part that served as the bike's oil pump that lay within the man's ribcage while the functions of his own heart were given to some fleshy component somewhere within the motorbike's engine. Wmm also imagined the woman in the bus next to the bus he was in exposing a breast and pressing it against the window

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