Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mental observations aboard a train today

1) Aboard the train to central London, Wmm was trying to read the headlines on someone else's newspaper and the woman held it in such a way that it was difficult to actually see the headlines properly. In Wmm's mind's eye, there was a need to see some sort of revenge taking place and this woman with a bob hairstyle had the front of her hair hanging down at the sides curling forwards formed into a tendril and suddenly it pierced through the skin of her jaw into her mouth and erupted through the front of her face like black spots turning into curved claw like protrusions piercing through her skin of the front of her mouth and they grew bigger and bigger engulfing her whole face.
 2) Then he watched an Indian man scooping his bombay mix out of the plastic bag using a finger and thumb depositing it in his mouth as if his whole arm were a mechanical grabber , Wmm felt very aggravated by this and suddenly imagined a spiral shaped funnel and the Indian man having his hand thrusted into the funnel deforming his hand turning his fingers into twisting spiral shaped tendrils that removed the contents of the bag of Bombay Mix and then thrusted it down into the back of the man's throat bypassing his teeth and tongue, he would not get to have any fun eating it and would probably end up with indigestion having not chewed it up . 
3) Wmm noticed the head of a man with a round smooth looking face and a bald shaven head walking in to the train and then mentally saw his face broke up into a star shaped orifice filled with many teeth, that opened up like a flower.
4) Wmm observed a woman who was sitting down raising the jacket of her son to make sure that his shirt was tucked in and Wmm mentally observed how of his trousers five pipes erupted spewing thick black fluid everywhere all over the floor.

NB Wmm acknowledges that he has seen the Thing remake/prequel or whatever it is recently

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