Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day dream vision and Mishearing / Mondegreen of the day

Yesterday on the way the British Library conference hall for a J G Ballard Event there featuring a line up of speakers.  Wmm walked from home to the station to get a train and noticed an empty crisp packet on the ground next to a car and found himself imagining a mutant crab claw covered in gelatinous blood coming out tempting predator of some sort to eat it as perhaps some sort of a weirdly shaped corn based snack such as packet of Monster Munch or Quavers etcetera.
Wmm kept that vision in mind and when he met up with the JGBallard discussion group there and sat down in the auditorium, Mike from up North who was sitting next to him started to sound as if he was talking about "the crisp packet essay" and Wmm became very confused wondering what could be so interesting about the development over the years of crisp packets despite what he experienced earlier on that day. However Mike was referring to an essay about Ballard by someone called Chris Beckett who was a British Library archiver and Wmm came to realise this when he saw the name on a list of speakers.

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