Friday, 12 August 2011

Misreading of the day

  1. Wmm misread the BBC news headline " "Fresh crackdown" on Syria unrest " as "Crayfish and mackeral in Syrian sunset." 
  2. Wmm misread the BBC news headline "Search for man as tug boat sinks" as "Men treated as bug, both sing"  
  3. And leading on from there, Wmm noticed that in his mind the BBC headline "Police hit back at riot critism" started to transform into " Crickets rock back with Polish hit" as if the two men who were treated like bugs were able to sing like crickets and started a rock band but didn't sound like Buddy Holly's group at all.  
  4. It's quite possible that as backing vocalist, they've had a career where their singing could only be heard faintly in the background of other artist's records as crazy cricket chirping under layers of other sounds.

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