Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wmm remembers seeing "Battle: Los Angeles" at a local cinema.

It was a little bit perplexing seeing actors playing in this movie almost seeming to continuously spew out clichés but Wmm somehow enjoyed the movie, he hadn't seen the alien monsters in it in any previous movie, but if people have been seeing too many of them in video games and this all seemed like another video game to them, Wmm doesn't bother to play these things so he doesn't have a lot to say about the videogame perspective. 

However it seemed that every time one started to rationalise what one was seeing of the aliens, their weapons and their ships, one started crying out to see something new and indeed they would show something new like another craft or whatever just in the nick of time. We never actually learn much about the aliens other than what they look like under the armour, how to kill them and how to defeat them, but still Wmm liked the designs enough. When he discovered what the aliens were doing with the water from the oceans, he remembered that the aliens in the original version of the TV series V were also doing this.

Wmm acknowledges that a fair amount of the thunder from this film was stolen by the makers of the film Skyline with their scenes featuring air battles and flying alien crafts over LA, he has read some rumours that the technology being used for Battle LA was possibly illegally used for Skyline and Sony were interested in suing over the matter. For Wmm, Battle: Los Angeles feels like an honest attempt at a movie while Skyline continues to make him feel as if he has been shoves face first into raw sewage whenever he thinks about it. 

Battle: Los Angeles might be better avoided totally by people who are fed up with these alien invasion movies altogether, but is one for die hard scifi movie fans

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