Saturday, 8 December 2007

Synchronistic Manifestion of Three Darrens, two gifts and an alien hand syndrome

  • On Wednesday at Borders in Oxford Street for coffee, I met up with my friend Darren, who has a ponytail we had never met at Borders before for coffee, and indeed it was the first time that I had coffee with anyone at Borders bookshop. We spent a good few hours talking and drinking coffee. There was a DVD there which was very very cheap, it was The Fountain, by Darren Aronofsky. I had informed some people some months earlier about my tradition of only watching Darren Aronofsky when I could find them on DVD in the bargain bin in a shop. Well I had found it and he bought it for me. The Fountain may well be a good movie, it's known to be visually splendid, I will see.
  • The following day, in Borders in Charing Cross road which was up the road and around the corner, I met a lady who I had spoken to some months ago about my pyramid and she wanted to have coffee with me, and she had thought about me recently. I had gone to that shop to find a book with a photograph of the hand of the alien queen from Aliens. She introduced me to her son Darren who had a pony tail and we sat down and had coffee. This Darren decided to take a hand shape ornament that was a ring holder and place it on our table, for a photo composition since I took photos. His mother than pointed to it and said "aha, an alien hand" and she had no idea about why I had visited that shop that day. So there was a book that she wanted me to read because it spoke a lot about the sort of person I was.
  • Actually, some months back in Harrow, by chance I met a lady of a Afro-Carribean background named Valina, who was someone I often met by chance time after time, and she recommended me a book called Realms Of Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue, and this lady in Borders bookshop naturally wanted to show me the exact same book and indeed since it was not expensive, she actually bought it for me. Obviously the book was hunting me down
  • So there we are, a three Darrens, two evenings, two gifts, two alien hands, one after the other at Border's bookshop having coffee with friends, and i even got a call from another friend on the second evening asking me to meet up that evening, which I hadn't in a long while.

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